In order to improve customer experience you need to measure it real-time

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delan posted this 05 January 2017


 Many companies are now utilising more resources on Customer Experience Management and Insight, based on the growing belief that more data equals better insights, which in turn, leads to strategic competitive advantage. In order for brands to create value, the data they collect on their customers must be translated into actionable insight, and benchmarked against competitors.

However, much of this current research methodology is based around the collection of data as a series of one-off events, without having a continuous flow or system of data measurement. This creates a dilemma when projects or campaigns are implemented based on the initial insight and assumptions, but the outcomes are not identified and recorded until the next data collection event, and sometimes not at all.   

The essential impact from this process is that companies often waste valuable research on projects, which they cannot truly define as either a success or a failure. We at BrandSmacker believe that real-time measurement is the missing key element from current research methodologies. Through the use of a platform that connects customer feedback with a range of metrics, such as NPS, CSAT, Customer Effort and Net Sentiment, brands can instantly view the status of their campaigns and ultimately track their progress real-time.

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Customer experience first. Love this article